Activity tracker

This plug-in provides a professional detection module for iSpy, designed to detect, track and classify any significant object entering large monitored areas. Just set some rules (minimum distance to cross, or object's lifetime) and virtual fences to trigger an alert. It is much more powerful than classic motion detection!

You can now detect intrusions in large areas, even if intruders are only a few pixels tall.

March 20, 2015 (Nashville Police Department): Man Caught On Camera Burglarizing Open Garage, detected with iSpy & the tracker plug-in! The whole story

The demo version of the plug-in runs for 6 hours only.

Activity Tracker x64 v300 (09.2017)

Activity Tracker x64 v304 with object classification (01.2019)

Activity Tracker x64 v304 User guide

The licensed one allows you to run Activity Tracker with an unlimited amount of cameras. (25USD)