iSpy + plug-ins

Plug-ins are components that add advanced Computer Vision & Deep Learning features in iSpy, for detecting intrusions and improving strongly your home’s surveillance system reliability.

How it works

Plug-ins are provided as a set of dynamically link libraries, which are automatically loaded in iSpy.

Each plug-in allows you to send emails and notifications on alert.

Each plug-in is available in demo or licensed version. License are per computer (you can set up an unlimited number of cams with one licence).


"I just wanted to take this time to thank you for a very well done piece of software. Thanks to your hard work, I was able to capture a burglary at my home and give to our police. If it had not been for the Activity Tracker, we probably would not have been alerted someone was in our house at 3am one Tuesday morning..." C.Kellerhals The whole story

"I have been using Activity Tracker with one of the cameras on my home security system. This camera is pointed at a high traffic area. The virtual fence allows me to automatically differentiate between people who are either passing by or approaching my home and record those events accordingly. I have had a great experience using Activity Tracker." B.Joe

"Let me tell you that you have produced a fantastic plugin that we are very happy with." R.Arman

"I was pleased to find ISpy and spent a lot of time getting it to work for me. I could not get control over motion sensing and was getting hundreds of false alarms a day. Then I found wonderful iPlugs site. It took a little time to configure and there was a bug in the version I downloaded but support was superb so I was up and running in record time. I now have almost no false alarms and a working system." Spencer Chase

"Your tips helped me very well. I now have my 3 cams marked with a mask. The difference with the motion detection from FOSCAM or iSpy is already worth the license ! Best regards and thumbs up for the great software !" Wim Von Eupen

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